Premier Surabaya Hospital (RSPS), is a health service facility that starts to operate at March 16th, 1998. Today, RSPS operates 168 bedrooms, at quite and comfortable location in Eastern Surabaya.

As part of Ramsay Health Care Australia, Premier Surabaya Hospital headquarter is Ramsay Health Care Indonesia in Jakarta, which also owns two other hospitals; Premier Jatinegara Hospital and Premier Bintaro Hospital. Premier Surabaya Hospital is a modern health service and medical facilities for Surabaya community and around, under the management of Ramsay Health Care Australia and as a joint commitment from Indonesia and Australia expertise in Hospitality. Premier Surabaya Hospital started to operate at March 1998.

In Australia, Ramsay Health Care owns and operates more than 60 hospitals those spread in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and other cities. At the present in Indonesia, Ramsay Health Care has three hospitals they are Premier Surabaya Hospital in Surabaya, Premier Jatinegara Hospital and Premier Bintaro Hospital in Greater Jakarta Area. Moreover, Ramsay Health Care nowadays owns 37 Hospitals in the United Kingdom & 9 Acute Hospitals in France.

Human Resources
Having image as a company that provides good health care services, Premier Surabaya Hospital considers the quality of human resource as one important thing. This is as the main resources in our business. Therefore, we have a strong commitment to always improve their knowledge, capability, and skill through continuing education and training.

The Specialists
Specialists in Premier Surabaya Hospital have been accredited from Medical Advisory Committee. This means that specialists have been accepted by their colleague and by hospital’s management. Many of them received reference and international experience from overseas such as Australia, Japan, United States and some countries in Europe and Asia.

Nursing Staff
Premier Surabaya Hospital is very proud of the quality of nursing. Australian Nursing Advisor also gives some advice in hiring nurses with a good recruitment system, training and continuing education, so that they have the capacity both in skill and knowledge, as well as friendly attitude to patients.

Other Staff
Premier Surabaya Hospital has Education and Quality Department which together with HR Department to provide education, training, and value all staffs in order to improve human resources and services quality.  All of our staff are prepared to do their best services for customers comfort and satisfaction. Premier Surabaya Hospital, in its daily operation, supported by Infection Control Management Team, in order to control, supervise and prevent infection or disease germ contamination.


A. Clinical block

At 1st Floor:
Lobby and Receptionist
Patient Registration and Information Desk
Specialist Consultation Rooms
Emergency Unit, Ambulance , and GPs
Administration Office
Conference Room
Food and Beverage

2nd Floor:
Specialist Consultation Rooms
Operating Theaters
Catheterization Laboratory (Angiography)
Recovery Room
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Room
Pathology Laboratory
Medical Check Up

B. Ward Block
This ward is used and designed for inpatient treatment, and it is separated from Clinical Block. There are 154 beds, and it is divided into four wards:
Medical ward, first floor
Pediatrics and Surgical ward, first floor
Obstetrics and Gynecology ward, second floor
General ward, second floor
NICU at second floor

C. Service Block
Generator set room
Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Office
Liquid Waste Processing Installation
Medical Gas Installation
Maintenance Area
Convenience Store