Become a Neurologist. Complicated, Challenging, Exciting.

In the medical world, abnormalities in the human nervous system are very complex. With a shift in style life, neurological disorder diseases become more complicated. But for this doctor, that’s the reason that made him interested in the profession as Neurologist in Premier Surabaya Hospital.

“Learning about the nerve is like studying the electrical system in the human body. We are required astute in exploring. For example, if there are abnormalities or disorders on one particular part of the body, we have to find where the nerves are connected. Complicated, challenging, but exciting,” said the doctor who called as dr. Valen.

It also keeps the doctor graduated from Airlangga University in Surabaya require himself to keep updating his knowledge of neuroscience. “The obstacles that we found in real case is often different from the theories we learned. For example, patients with the same disease, but the symptoms are often different. Like a mystery that we must discover. That is why we must continue to update our knowledge,” said dr. Valen again.

One example, he says, is a shift in the age of stroke patients today. “It used to be a stroke synonymous with old age, is now beginning to shift to a younger age, and even began infecting the children. These why we must continue to study and analyze the many factors that can deal with.”